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Belgians never lose
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This campaign for the Red Devils is a celebration, an ode to Belgians, their humour and their fresh mindset. Indeed, as long as together they hold their Jupiler up, nothing will stop them from enjoying real football moments and becoming one. That’s why, Belgians never lose.

Red Devils

Buy a Jupiler Red Devils pack or crate in your nearest supermarket, scan the QR code and get the chance to win exclusive prizes!

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To celebrate the start of the new season, we created 1 bespoke can design for each club.

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Jupiler stands together with supporters against racism: that’s why we’ve dedicated all our in-stadium advertising to the racism and discrimination hotline. If you witness an incident, speak up and report it via the Pro League website to guarantee a legally and procedurally correct investigation with guidance for all involved.

Racism has no place in football or society.